Programme: VIII Abrils de l’Hospital and INHH’s 12th International Conference

Travel and the Hospital: From Pilgrimage to Medical Tourism

24-26th April 2019

Faculty of Geography and History (UB)

Universitat de Barcelona

Ferrer Bassa

Ferrer Bassa (c. 1285 – 1348) Catalan painter and miniaturist.

We are pleased to announce the full programme and registration details for the VIII Abrils de l’Hospital and the INHH’s 12th International Conference on the theme Travel and the Hospital. For more details of the call see our earlier post

The conference will take place at: Faculty of Geography and History (UB), c. Montalegre, 6 Universitat de Barcelona and Amics de l’Art Romànic / Institut d’Estudis Catalans and, Biblioteca de Catalunya, c. Carme, 47

Fees for the conference are:


Partial registration fee: 30€ until the 31st of march of 2019. Starting this same date, the registration fee will be 50€. This registration will grant the right to participate in the conference, take part in the planned tours, the coffee-breaks and two brunches.


Full registration fee: 60€ until the 31st of march of 2019. Starting this same date, the registration fee will be 100€. This registration will grant the right to attend the conference dinner on the 25th of April.

For details of how to register please email

Master’s students and PhD candidates, as well as doctors who have defended their thesis between 2017-2019 can ask for free registration, provided that they present a paper or a poster. Those who might be eligible should send an e-mail to before the 15th of February 2019.

Accommodation costs will be assumed in their entirety by the attendees. Since the University of Barcelona does not have an agreement with any of the city’s hotels, we suggest booking early.


Wednesday 24th April

Facultat de Geografia i Història, Universitat de Barcelona, Sala Gran 08:45h. Reception

09:15h. Official inauguration

Ricardo Piqueras, Dean of the Faculty of Geography and History Meritxell Simó, Director of IRCVM

SESSION I. Travel and the Hospital

09:30-11:00 h
Chair: John Henderson (Birkbeck, University of London)

09:30h. Giuliana Albini (Università di Milano): Guarding Bridges, Taking Care of Travellers: Hospital Foundations in Northern and Central Italy (11th-14th centuries).

09:50h. Marina Gazzini (Università di Milano): Hospitals and Travellers in Medieval Lombardy.

10:10h. Sarah Lennard-Brown (Birkbeck, University of London): The Geography of Charity. The Role of Travel in the Foundation and Day to Day Operation of the Late Medieval Hospitals as Compared to Almshouses in the City of London.

10:30h. Discussion

11:00 h. Coffee Break

SESSION II. Pilgrimage and the Hospital

11:30-13:00 h
Chair: Teresa Vinyoles (IRCVM-Universitat de Barcelona)

11:30h. Carole Rawcliffe (University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK): Changing Institutional Responses to Pilgrims and Wayfarers in Medieval England.

11:50h. Antoni Conejo (IRCVM-Universitat de Barcelona): Iconographic Sources for the History of Pilgrimage and Assistance in the Middle Ages

12:10h. Salvatore Marino (IRCVM-Universitat de Barcelona) and Ida Mauro (Universitat de Barcelona): The Hospitality Network for Pilgrims and Foreigners in Renaissance Naples.

12:30h. Discussion

13:00-14:30h. Lunch for all delegates (CCCB Restaurant)

SESSION III. Mobile Hospitals

Chair: Barry Doyle (University of Huddersfield)

14:30h. David Theodore (McGill University): Mobility and the Ideal Modern Hospital.

14:50h. Phuthego Phuthego Molosiwa (University of Bostwana): ‘The Medicine Van’: Social Diseases, Healthcare and Mobile Dispensaries in the Bechuanaland Protectorate, 1930s-1966.

15:10h. Shane Ewen (Leeds Beckett University) and Rebecca Wynter (University of Birmingham): Mobile Hospitals?: The Operation of Civilian Ambulance Services and the Provision of Emergency Medical Care for Burns c.1900-1970’.

15:30h. Discussion

16:00h. Coffee Break

SESSION IV. War and the Hospital

Chair: Joana Balsa (Universidade de Lisboa)

16:30h. Jon Arrizabalaga (IMF-CSIC): Ambulances and Humanitarian Relief to Wounded Combatants: Reach and Limits of Technological Innovation in the Second Carlist War (1872-1876).

16:50h. Mark Butterfield (Leeds Beckett University): Ambulance Train Tourism in the First World War.

17:10h. Discussion

SPECIAL SESSION. Presentation of Scientific Posters

Chair: Antoni Conejo (IRCVM-Universitat de Barcelona)

Pol Bridgewater (IRCVM-Universitat de Barcelona): “Persones miserables de diverses nacions e condicions” (Miserable People of Different Nations and Conditions): The Presence of Foreigners among the Patients of the Hospital of the Holy Cross of Barcelona in the 15th Century and its Significance in the Shaping of a Welfare Landscape.

Isabel Juan Casademont (Universitat de Girona): Construction and Consolidation of an Architectonical Healthcare Model. The Santa Caterina Hospital of Girona (1666-1808).

Mireia Comas Via (IRCVM-Universitat de Barcelona): The Assistance of Foreign Women in Medieval Catalan Hospitals.

Susana María Ramírez Martín (Universidad Complutense de Madrid): Flight Against Smallpox: Experiments Agave and Begonia in Mexico and Madrid in the Late Eighteenth Century.

Jaume Marcé Sánchez (IRCVM-Universitat de Barcelona): The Spread or Influence of Models for Hospitals in the Mediterranean in the Late Middle Ages.

Teresa Vinyoles (IRCVM-Universitat de Barcelona): Foundling Children in the Holy Cross Hospital of Barcelone: 1488-1490.

Joana Balsa (Universidade de Lisboa): The Research Project «Hospitalis – Hospital Architecture in Portugal at the Dawn of Modernity: Identification, Characterization, and Contextualization».

Thursday 25th April
Amics de l’Art Romànic / Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Sala Pere i Joan


SESSION V. Travel and the Hospital 2

09:00-10:30 h
Chair: Francesca Español (Universitat de Barcelona-Amics de l’Art Romànic)

09:00h. Esther Diana (Centro di Documentazione per la Storia dell’Assistenza e della Sanità, Firenze): Poor People, Abandoned Children and Pilgrims From the City of Prato’s ‘Misericordia e Dolce’ Hospital, an Example of Symbiosis Between Artistic Representation, Care and Devotion

09:20h. Carmel Ferragud (Institut Interuniversitari López Piñero – Universitat de València): Women in Medieval Hospitals: Sibil·la and the ‘Hospital de Sant Andreu’ in Mallorca.

09:40h. Clara Jáuregui (PhD., History): The Wandering Leper and the Treatment of Leprosy in 14th Century Barcelona.

10:00 h. Discussion

10:30h. Coffee Break

SESSION VI. Heritage, New Technologies and Communities

Chair: Jon Arrizabalaga (IMF-CSIC)

11:00h. Joana Balsa de Pinho (Universiade de Lisboa): The Research Project «Hospitalis»: Study and Valorization of Hospitals as Historic Monuments.

11:20h. Raúl Villagrasa (IH-CSIC): Application of New Technologies and Historical Cartography for the Web Diffusion of the Hospital Network.

11:40h. Ana Mehnert Pascoal, Maria João Neto, and Clara Moura Soares (Universiade de Lisboa): Visits Abroad to Enhance the Portuguese Hospital Network: Administrators, Architects and Doctors Travelling During the 1950s.

12:00h. Rob Ellis (University of Huddersfield): London County Council, Foreign Lunatics and the 1905 Aliens Act.

12:30h. Discussion

13:00-14:30h. Lunch for all delegates (CCCB Restaurant)

15:00-17:00h (English)
15:30-17:30h (Catalan)

20:00h. Conference Dinner

Friday 26th April
Biblioteca de Catalunya, Sala Caritat

SESSION VII. Missionary

Chair: Barry Doyle (University of Huddersfield)

09:00h. Andrea L. Arrington-Sirois (Indiana State University): Medical Meccas: Missionary Staff and African Patients: At Mission Hospitals in Colonial Southern Africa.

09:20h. Sara Honarmand Ebrahimi (University College Dublin): Caravanserai as an emotional practice: Travellers and the Church Missionary Society (CMS) hospitals in north-west India.

09:40h. Karen McNamara (National University of Singapore). Circuits of Technology and Healing: The Making of a Mission Hospital in South India.

10:00h. Discussion

10:30h. Coffee Break

SESSION VIII. Centres of Excellence and Tourism

Chair: Salvatore Marino (IRCVM-Universitat de Barcelona)

11:00h. Yannis Gonatidis (University of Crete): Foreign Patients in the Municipal Hospital of Hermoupolis (Syros), 1834-1914.

11:20h. Kevin McQueeney (Georgetown University): A “Black Medical Center”: Flint Goodridge Hospital and African American Healthcare in Twentieth Century New Orleans.

11:40h. Yannis Stoyannidis (University of West Antica): From TB Patients’ Travels to Sanatoria Businesses. The Evolution of Medical Tourism.

12:00h. Discussion

12:30-13:00h. Concluding remarks: Antoni Conejo, Barry Doyle, and John Henderson

13:00-15:00h. Free Time for Lunch

VISIT TO THE LIBERTY HOSPITAL OF SANT PAU 15:00-17:00h (English and Catalan)

Organizing Committe: Antoni Conejo (University of Barcelona), John Henderson (Birkbeck, University of London, UK), Barry Doyle (University of Huddersfield, UK), and Joana Balsa de Pinho (University of Lisbon)

Collaboration: Meritxell Simó, Marta Sancho, Salvatore Marino, Pol Bridgewater, Jaume Marcé (University of Barcelona), Núria Altarriba (Biblioteca de Catalunya), Mercè Beltran (Recinte Modernista del Sant Pau), and Francesca Español (Amics de l’Art Romànic, IEC)


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