Extended Deadline Funded PhD: Visual and Cultural Representations of the St John Ambulance Brigade in the Twentieth Century.

Visual and Cultural Representations of the St John Ambulance Brigade in the Twentieth Century.

AHRC Funded Collaborative Doctoral Award Studentship

University of Huddersfield, Museum of the Order of St John and the Heritage Consortium



The Heritage Consortium is offering a fully funded AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award studentship with the Museum of the Order of St John and the University of Huddersfield. Supervised by Professor Barry Doyle (Huddersfield) and Dr Rosemary Wall of the University of Hull, the studentship will combine the support and training offered by the Heritage Consortium, the professional supervision of the curatorial staff of the Museum of the Order of St John in Clerkenwell, London and the academic culture of Huddersfield’s Centre for Health History.

Building on our AHRC funded project Crossing Boundaries: The History of First Aid in Britain and France, 1909-1989 the student will work with Museum staff to make their extensive collection of photographs accessible to a wider public nationally and internationally. In the process they will develop their own archiving, curating and digitization skills.

The academic study will be built around the Museum collections, the aims of the Crossing Boundaries project and the interests of the students. Particular themes that could be developed include:

• St John Ambulance Brigade and St John Ambulance Association in the Second World War,
• the development of the St John Ambulance Brigade ambulance service,
• industry and St John’s industrial heritage,
• and/or using photographs either in heritage organisations or in historical research.



Candidates should have a good degree and a Masters in relevant disciplines. Please apply using the Heritage Consortium application form available at the webpage below. Please outline any relevant experience and how you will develop a project around one of the themes listed above. Applicants should also submit references and proof of qualifications by the closing date of 24 September 2018 to cdtheritage@hull.ac.uk.

For further information on the Heritage Consortium and application process see

For more information on the Crossing Boundaries project: https://bmdoyleblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/01/crossing-boundaries-the-history-of-first-aid-in-britain-and-france-1909-1989/

For information on the museum http://museumstjohn.org.uk/

For more information on this opportunity email b.m.doyle@hud.ac.uk
This award is only available to UK students.


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