Director’s Update: Thinking about our grant schemes

Exciting new opportunities opening up as Wellcome restructure some of their grant schemes. New programmes likely to be on stream by Spring 2015

Wellcome Trust Blog

Dr Jeremy Farrar, Wellcome TrustSince he joined us last year, Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust, has been listening – to staff, to researchers, to members of the Wellcome community, and more. In this post he explains how your views have contributed to new ideas about the best ways we can offer our funding…

Nine months ago, I enjoyed the immense privilege of becoming Director of the Wellcome Trust. As a researcher who has long benefited from Trust funding for my own work, I already knew at first hand what a difference its support can make. What I had not fully appreciated was the breadth of outstanding research that the Wellcome Trust makes possible, in biomedical and clinical science, in humanities and social science, and in public engagement.

Over the past months, it has been fascinating to meet so many of the researchers we fund, and to learn how their work is…

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